Period positive with Ekal Arogya

As gentle spring swung into its mid-March warmth, SIB members took a trip on March 15 to a remote village in Mysore. SIB funded a hygienic practice for 50 girls from five Mysore villages, enabling each to get three packets of four high-quality, biodegradable, easily disposable napkins every month.

The club partnered with the Ekal Arogya scheme, sponsored by a government-sponsored charitable health trust for tribals and farmers. Kalpana S, a doctor from Arogya, gave a rousing speech to the girls, to create awareness about safety and security.

SIB also donated cotton masks and children’s books to the students and funded the plantation of sapota, anjeer, jackfruit and other trees. The project aimed to educate and enable girls about menstrual hygiene, environment and safety, meeting SDG-3 (Good Health and Well- Being), SDG-17 (Partnership) SDG-13 (Climate Action) and SDG-6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) goals.