‘Asha’ from three guardian angels

In June, 2021, three SIB ‘guardian angels’ volunteered to be part of the NASI Asha project. Each located and agreed to oversee an underprivileged woman, who would be given Rs 10,000 in order to kickstart a small business. The beneficiaries included:

  1. Ramakka, who was helped to open a greens shop and is reviving her business.
  2. Manjula Reddy, running a stall selling tea, biscuits and cigarettes and funding her children’s online education. She makes a profit everyday. She intends to add groceries to her shop and expand her sales and business.
  3. Sheela Tirupathi, a washerwoman, who is now running a poultry business and is educating
    her three girls. She has bought an android phone to facilitate their online education.

Three SIB members, who volunteered to be their ‘guardian angels’, are following their cases closely and report that the women are satisfied and thankful to SIB for having improved their lives.

SIB has invested and helped to Enable and Empower the chosen women, based on their Aadhar, ration cards, bank details and photographs.