Soroptimist International - Bangalore

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Hi Buddy.

Care to be part of a Fun Run for a social cause? It’s Kool to be Kind today. Enjoy the Kick.

On November 6, Sunday, from 6.30 to 11 a.m. join a Run for Cancer event, starting from Century Club, Cubbon Park. 

It will be cool to join celebrities like Ashwini Nachappa, as well as eager-beavers from the city – and that means You.

Sprint with us.

How does your running for 4 kms help cancer patients? Well, it does. Because you need to register and tap your funds and wealth of kindness to be part of our Support Patients Drive at Karunashrya Cancer Hospice. Help us to promote and propagate Breast Cancer Awareness.

If you are among the first 300 registered runners, you can get a special t-shirt. If you are not, you can still walk away with a cap, a medal and a great, feel-good glow of having been in a social cause.

If you like the thought, then register your name and details and kick off on Nov. 6th. Call 080-42109389.

Come, join us.

President’s Address

The growth of Soroptimists has been propelled collectively by past  presidents and past members of the executive committee.  I look forward to live up to their expectations and to work for all causes taken up by us towards fulfilling the mission of the Soroptimists.

photo_1In this endeavor, I am happy to be joined by my colleagues Juma Guha (Secretary), Dr Nalini Subbaiah (Treasurer), and all the office bearers.  I am confident that with the support of all our dedicated members, we will be steadfast in completing all our projects on hand and will also be enthusiastic in taking up more projects to achieve our goals.

I stand  before you all, with an appeal to shed our inhibitions, egos and work for the common cause, which we shall all make, in an endeavor to unanimously agree upon.  We just celebrated 10 years as an organisation and have a long list of achievements.   I look forward to your cooperation towards enriching our experience by visiting various other clubs  and  expanding our horizons.

I am proud to be given this wonderful opportunity and seek the blessings of God of all people to take this organization to further heights.

Anuradha Pradeep


National Project- Fistful of Grain

After collecting 250 killos of Grains from Harvest International School, SI Bangalore has now distributed the bags to children at Primus Public School for the 3rd consecutive year. SI Bangalore will always thankful for the humble gesture of School authorities and staff.
Our Development officer Rema Ramachandran and our PAC Mamta Ghosh enjoyed the inter acting with the children .The conversation was not limited to Fistful of Grain.. The children went on to discuss about Soroptimist International’s history .. natural disasters in Chennai… Garbage manegment in Bangalore.. About the behavior of political parties…so on and so forth..