Literature Club at Parikrama

“I have read all the books by J.K. Rowling,” said an 8th standard student, the son of a driver.
He lives in an informal settlement, but dreams big, thanks to his unique connection with
Children’s Literature. Ruskin Bond, Roald Dahl and Anne Frank – these were some of the
wonderful writers who shared the magic hour with the children.
On February 9, SIB inaugurated a Literature Club at Parikrama Centre for Learning,
Koramangala. Although 25 children have been handpicked by the teachers to attend the club,
SIB hopes to expand the boundaries of learning, imagining and creating to all the children at
the school.
President Mamta Ghosh opened the key to the project with a brief introduction on the
benefits of Literature and SIB’s unique connection to projects. It was an hour of beautiful
transportation to a faraway world of stories and fables.
Meenakshi, a former SI member, Anushka, hopefully a future one and Revathi, who is the
current member will take it forward with the help of other members in the club.

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