Distributing Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins

Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins are the centre of new and exciting projects.

On August 3, SIB distributed 3,000 sanitary napkins to 60 girls at Parikrama School.

On June 29, SIB gave sanitary napkins to inmates of four homes – Abalashram, Abhayashram, Mahila Dakshita Samithi and Ujjwala.

Rani Shetty, SIB’s Honarary Member, who runs Parihar, a social initiative at the campus of the Police Commissioner’s

Office, identified the shelter homes.

It was a programme that also drew in the partnership of Gallagher employees, who contribute Rs 50 every month to produce them in a machine set up by Soroptimist International Pune Metro East.

President Anuradha Pradeep spoke about the benefits of the napkins and distributed them with the SIB team to the women beneficiaries, at the Parikrama School as well as the Police Commissioner’s office.

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