The Fistful of Grains that fed 30,000 mouths

SIB collected three tonnes, or 3,000 kilograms of foodgrains to feed 30,000 mouths.

Partnering with ‘Lets do some good’ and ‘Social Creds & Gift of time’ in 2022 (Sept to Dec) and 2023 (Nov-Dec), SIB distributed eco-friendly jute bags to 10 elite schools and apartments. The donees were encouraged to fill the bags, each of which could hold 1.5 kilogrammes, sealed with a drawstring or Velcro.

SIB collected the packed bags and donated them to eight underprivileged organisations. As one tonne of grains can make 10,000 meals, SIB has helped to feed 30,000 mouths!

About 10 underprivileged women were employed to stitch about 3,000 eco-friendly jute bags.

SIB members also visited the schools with partners to give some talks about nutrition, eco-friendly materials, livelihoods, social service and SIB’s brand activities. SIB distributed 3,000 certificates for the children.

SIB thus scaled up its ongoing Fistful of Grains project, which was adopted by NASI’s 18 clubs in 2021. The project helped SIB to tackle eight SDGs: 1 (No poverty); 2 (Zero Hunger); 3 (Good Health and Well-Being); 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth); 10 (Reduced inequalities); 12 (Responsible consumption and production); 13 (Climate Action) and 17 (Partnership for the goals).