Flagship Village Project

Rachaiyana Doddi and Venkatarayara Doddi

Rachayana Doddi, a Lambani tribal area and Venkatarayara Doddi are two small villages in Kanakapura Taluk, Ramanagara District. Both these villages come under the village panchayat. RachaianaDoddi, a Lambani village, 15 km beyond Kanakapura Town, on the Sathnur road, has about 300 inhabitants .Although so close to the city they lack connectivity to the city as there are no proper transport facilities. When SI Bangalore first visited the village, what they saw was poor sanitation facility, a broken school with no infrastructure at all and hardly any students to attend school. First thing that came to our minds was to provide them with proper sanitation we started with building toilets for them, so that their women folk could live with dignity. Our next task was to fix the school and see that the children start attending school. SI Bangalore will always be grateful to our sister clubs-Anne Marie Schweingruber of SI Berne Arcadia, and other Swiss Clubs .SI, Land van Waas, Belgium and all Members of SI Mendocino Sonoma Coast, Gualala, California. This project would not have been a reality today without their help and support. All this help and hard work from the SI clubs has given a new lease of life to the village, their women and children and the attendance in schools have increased exponentially. These improvements have also been carried out at another nearby village, Venkatarayanadoddi. 

Improvements in the villages

  • Construction of toilets
  • Renovations of school building, complete face lift for the school.
  • Class rooms with new class room furniture has been provided and well tiled flooring with globe, wall maps, stationary black board, teachers’ desk and chair, etc
  • School kitchen has been renovated and new kitchen storage has been provided
  • New gas stove has been provided as they have gas connection. New utensils like large pressure cooker has been provided .
  • A dining area has been created with sitting arrangement for the students with a hand wash area and a new water purifier
  • New set of sports equipment and a large drum for PT have been provided

Educate to Lead for Global Impact” – the overall objective”

SI Bangalore is committed to the overall objective of the Soroptimist International organization worldwide to transform the lives of women and girls through education and leadership by working with thought leaders in Bangalore who can address and influence students at an early age to understand the imperatives of the themes above.