Violence and Conflict Resolutions

Theme of Violence and Conflict Resolution

The objective for this Programme area is to eliminate violence against women and girls and ensure women’s participation in conflict resolution.

Gender Sensitization is one important way to address and try to end violence against women.We have started our Gender Sensitization project with children of two schools, where our members are already involved in teaching communicative English. If we can sensitize the girls and boys at a young age, maybe we can partly solve the problem of ending violence against women. We teach them about good and bad touch, what they should carry to protect themselves, how they would recognize signs of a person wanting to attack them, etc.

The two schools where the program was conducted are The Gopal Ramnarayan Government School, Sanjaynagar and also at St. Euphrasias’s all-Girls School. We offer another variation of this programme where self defence is also taught to the students along with gender sensitization tips and advice. This programme has been carried out at Shri Sharada Primary School and Gopal Ramnarayan Government School successfully and can be offered at the schools on request.