Programme Areas

Programme Areas

The Soroptimist Global Impact Report published in 2011, the first of its kind articulates clearly the SI thrust of Educate to Lead.

“The essence of the Soroptimist model is simple: educate women and girls today to create the female leaders of tomorrow. SI knows how important it is for women and girls to be afforded the opportunity to lead and participate in decision making.”

All Programme Action work is directed towards Education and Leadership initiatives that cover a huge range of possibilities.

The three E model will now form the basis of work done world wide. To empower enable, and educate, using the strategies of Action, Advocacy and Awareness Raising.

Since the extension process began and post Charter in 2010, SI Pune Metro East, has worked on projects that would in some measure or the other make that small but vital difference in the lives of women and girls.

There are 5 Programme Areas: