Theme of Economic Empowerment

Theme of Economic Empowerment:

SI Bangalore strongly believes empowering women and girls is not only the right thing to do: It is also smart economics and vital to ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity and to bring in Gender equality. But despite a range of significant advances, too many women still lack basic freedom and opportunities and face huge inequalities in the world.

We conducted a special vocational training program for the inmates of one of Bangalore’s destitute homes, Abhaya Ashram. This Ashram provides Accommodation, Counseling, Destitute home (age group of 18-35 years), Children’s home, Day care center for children of domestic helps/coolies etc. SI Bangalore launched their vocational training program for Saree tassels making and Jewelry making to empower them. Saree Tassel making was taught to a group of 80 ladies by Menaka Venugopal one of our members. The camp was also attended by our guest Rosemary from SI Kakamega club in Kenya. Apart from the workshop there was Dance, Laughter, exchange of ideas and thoughts and also talk on child abuse, prevention and whole lot of fun.

Bead to lead is a project initiated by our immediate past president, Sujatha Balakrishnan . This unique project enables and empowers women. Sujatha has been actively working and help women of Ganganagar Informal Settlement, by teaching them jewelry making .We arranged for a sale of these jewelry made by the ladies of Ganganagar at Safina Plaza under the SI Bangalore Banner. The entire profit made was used to support the education of their children.