Soft skills kill softly: 3 talks on Domestic Violence, mindful parenting and skill-building

Domestic Violence (November 18)

Senior advocate Anuradha Pradeep spoke about reducing Domestic Violence through legal steps, psychological counselling, helplines and partners such as Nightingale and MAVA.

It is important to fight back and identify practical steps that can help women to defend themselves, she said.

Mindful Parenting (October 18)

Counsellor Anita Belagodu gave a talk on Mindful Parenting at Tunbridge High School for SIB, in collaboration with the Rotary Club, on October 18. It was a Youth Services Initiative.

“Mindful parenting is your interactive effort to bring in attention, curiosity and awareness with your children,” she said.

How will you do it?-

By listening to the child

By reflecting on what the child is saying and

In choosing to respond , that enlivens both child and the parent.”

World Skills Day (July 15)

SIB, with its offspring, SI Delhi, presented a first-of-its-kind hybrid counselling session to women at the SAFAL Skill Development Centre, through talks in in Kannada and English by four expert psychologists from Delhi and Bangalore. They explained soft skills such as self-confidence, team building, and gender equality, with simple activities for physical as well as virtual attendees. The set-up, lunch and journaling kits in reusable bags were sponsored by two SIB members. SIB was the mother club of SI Delhi, so it handheld one of Delhi’s projects on World Skills Day, July 15.