Green Dream, soft touch … and hard work at Adopted School

In the heat and noise of the bustling city, the sturdy building of the Doddanekundi Higher Secondary Government School has been a beacon for many underprivileged children through the years, even if it is not in very good condition today. SIB adopted the school for many welfare activities. Here are a few:

Workshop on menstrual hygiene

October 25

· Vidya, a subject matter expert from Women of the World (WOW), gave a talk on menstrual hygiene and distributed sanitary kits to 167 students.

· Many more were distributed at Nekkundi Primary school.

· SIB handed over 24 sets of sports T-shirts and shorts for girls, who had already specified their requirements.

· A smartboard was donated to the 8th grade in collaboration with Yuva Foundation.

Workshop for Medicinal Plants (September 9)

· The ‘Eco Guardians Club’ of 20 students, set up by SIB, kickstarted its first project.

· A workshop on medicinal plants for 8th and 9th standard students was conducted by SIB member Dr Prathibha Vinay, a renowned palynologist. She spoke about the benefits of herbs for primary health care.

· About 50 medicinal plants were donated, which will be nurtured by the Eco Guardians Club.

World Environment Day (June 5)

· SIB commemorated World Environment Day (June 5) on the 10th. It screened a Kannada documentary, ‘Gandhada Gudi’, to 8th grade students, in which the famous film actor, Puneet Rajkumar, talked about preserving flora and fauna and avoiding plastic pollution.

· It was followed by a quiz that had an award of a solar lantern for the topper.

· Meanwhile, 9th and 10th grade students were tuned into informative talks on Medicinal Plants, Waste segregation and Management.

· SIB gave Grade 10 students 900 notebooks – six sets of 100-page notebooks each.

· SIB also launched the ‘SI Eco Guardians Club’ for students.

Science Museum (August 30)

SIB funded an educational science trip and lunch for middle-school girls to the Visveswaraya Science Museum.

Fellowships (July 10)

SIB paid Rs 28,500 as pre-university college admission fees for the daughter of a maid. She completed her 10th grade with flying colours and wants to study further in order to take her family out of the poverty circle.

Softboards (March 3)

About 18 softboards were donated by a member. Immediately, the boards sang of the children’s presentations.