Scholarships and sisterhood

“I am so grateful for your help. If you had not helped me, I would not be able to continue my studies.” These were words straight from the heart of Priya, who just got enrolled into the Bachelor of Computer Math at Mount Carmel, thanks to the special scholarship funds from SIB, with tuition fees for 2021-2022. Another student from Class VII also continued her studies thanks to SIB.


Two girls got funding for the second time. They completed their PUC 12th with flying colours and enrolled into the First Year Bachelor’s Commerce course. SIB checked their BPL cards, academic and marks cards, also giving them special counselling for overall development.


To spread the message that SIB wants to create sisterhood and success stories, on October 9, the members gathered for a special lunch at Pump House to celebrate the 100 years of global sorority. One member gave away potted anthuriums to many in the room. Women at the restaurant were excited to learn about SI and its work and promised to google out information about the organisation. The members also gave green messages about eco-friendly bags and the importance of plants.